Clay Pot - Large

This item is only available for pick up from our office in Rosebery, Sydney, or delivery within Sydney City so please contact us for further information.

Dimensions: W 36cm x D 31cm x H 15.5cm

Weight: 4150g

This special Clay pot shows Mr. Ogawa’s pure dedication to his work.

Mr. Ogawa personally goes to the mountains to find and dig up the special clay to be used in the making of his pots, it takes at least five years for the freshly dug clay to become ready to be used in the actual making of his pots.

He then shapes each piece, and bakes them at a temperature of over 1300degrees which is reached using a wood fired oven; an extraordinary amount of time and effort show total dedication to each pots creation.

The unique look of each pot deepens and grows in personalty over time making it truly yours, and with good care your pot will treat you well for a life time.

We love cooking rice, soup, long simmering dishes, and much more.

When we cook using our clay pots the true flavour of the ingredients is brought out, not to mention they look amazing.

Let our handmade clay pots turn down your busy city life to a slow simmering moment of enjoyment.

Not suitable for use on IH stove tops and microwave ovens.

Not suitable for dishwashing.

Made in Gifu, Japan

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