Urushi Japanese Walnut Wood Square Plate

Dimension: W 9.5cm x D 9.5cm x H 0.2cm

Weight: 10g

Material: Japanese Walnut Wood with lacquer finish

This unique Urushi Walnut Wood Square Plate has a subtle yet distinctive carved texture on both sides which is created with the use of hand tools.

Each plate is coated with Urushi / lacquer that is diligently applied to the surface, revealing the unique character of the hand carved walnut wood. 

They make beautiful coasters as well as being the perfect plate for little treats.

Think!Forest is a workshop studio based in Kanagawa, and the creator and wood artist Mr. Tazawa’s philosophy is “Simple design, quiet form”. He creates objects with refined form and everyday function combined with the art of Urushi/lacquer technique a beautiful balance is created which is a credit to Mr. Tazawa’s skill and thoughtful philosophy.

Not suitable for microwave and dishwasher.


Made in Kanagawa, Japan

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