Discounted for December

December 02, 2017

Discounted for December

The last month of 2017 starts…….

2017 has been a great learning experience, an exciting year in many ways for us.


We are so grateful for all your support throughout this year.

To show our gratitude we have decided to discount our beloved Towel range.

Our beautifully made traditional Japanese towels are made up of light and soft gauze on one side and absorbent pile on the other, perfect for your body, face, and hair.

With use these towels become softer and softer which is a testament to over 50yrs of towel making experience by our supplier, a small towel company in Osaka creating beautiful yet practical towels for daily use.

Each towel is created with the help of natural starch, making the weaving process easier, (most commercial towel makers use chemical glues.) Our towels are friendlier to people as well as the earth. 

This Japanese style of towel is lightweight, very fast drying, it takes up less space, perfect for everyday use and also ideal for your next holiday journey. 

Enjoy using these beautifully practical Japanese style towels with the benefit of two unique textured sides to meet all your needs.

A nice treat to yourself or as a thoughtful holiday gift to your friends and family.