Mosir Creative


Mosir Creative was born from the time we decided to transform our garage into a little shop, an oasis of Japanese zen. Many customers including people from Japan have mentioned that they feel like they are in Kyoto, Japan. We continue to develop our little shop so that we can share with you the amazing works we receive from our artisans.

Now along side our Japanese works are the growing range of Mosir Creative's handmade pieces by the co-founder Mark. With thanks going to our most enthusiastic customers for requesting Marks early works which were initially only intended as display pieces for our little shop.

Mark was raised by a father who built their family home, made furniture and for his local community designed and built an amazing Japanese style bridge for a park in New Zealand. Needless to say his father has a very detail oriented eye which Mark has also acquired. From a young age he watched and learnt from his father building and creating. Self taught Mark has been creating furniture in New Zealand and Australia over many years. He works with natural timber and uses natural finishes. He specialises in commissioned custom made pieces.

Our Mosir Creative items and ideas are a collaboration between Mark and Ai, coming to life with Mark's hands.