Hello, we are Mosir Life.

February 01, 2017

Hello, we are Mosir Life.

Welcome to Mosir Life!

Mosir meaning Island / Quiet Land from the language of the Ainu people of Japan.

Mosir Life is a small showroom in Glebe, Sydney founded and created by Mark and Ai in 2016.

Ai was born in Japan and Mark in NewZealand, both lives started on small islands.

However, they moved away from their respective islands when they were young and have travelled, lived and worked in various locations around the world like the USA, UK, Europe, Dubai, Thailand, Cambodia, Peru, Korea, China just to mention a few, then with a twist of fate they met on a large island called Australia.

Mark developed a keen interest and appreciation for Japanese arts and craftsmanship from his days at design school and Ai grew up in a traditional Japanese family, although her time spent outside of Japan is now longer than her time in Japan she still has that deeply ingrain aesthetic towards her surroundings that can only be called Japanese.

With their love of beautifully simplistic Japanese design and respect for the Japanese craftspersons total commitment to their work, the rare talent of a “Shokunin” true master, Mark and Ai decided to bring their love of Japanese craft to Sydney.

(They spend a lot of time searching for the right crafts people to supply their small showroom and in return the right suppliers are careful in who they supply so there must first be mutual respect towards each parties vision of what is good and what isn't.)

From time to time exhibitions with local and overseas artists fill their showroom, giving a chance for like minded people to mingle and enjoy their unique Japanese world in Sydney!

Looking forward to sharing our love of inspired objects and more.......