Meet Mosir Life's Tea growers

July 24, 2017

Meet Mosir Life's Tea growers

We love tea, Ai grew up surrounded by tea with her mother teaching the art of Japanese tea ceremony, so from a very young age Ai started to attend her mothers classes. Mark fell in love with Chinese tea many years ago, after his first visit to Japan and the main tea prefectures soon developed an appreciation and love of Japanese style tea's with the help of Ai’s vast knowledge.

With our love of tea we always knew we would want to bring great tea to Mosir Life.

When we introduce our tea we want to share only the tea we love which goes for all of our items, like our ceramics, notebooks, spoons, and Glassware.

With tea not only did we want it to be tasty, we also wanted it to be produced naturally/organic so we can all benefit from the many healthy properties in our daily tea intake.

In 2016, we found an organic tea farm that was happy to share their experience in producing organic Tea.

The Sugimoto Tea Farm in Shizuoka, Japan which is one of the largest Japanese tea prefectures.

Wherever we looked there were tea farms, however only four farms produce organic tea in Shizuoka.

The Sugimoto family invited us to explore their Tea plantation and processing facility which was a pleasure to see and also to hear Mr Sugimoto explain Tea, from the plants through to the different ways the leaves are processed depending on the type on tea they were creating.   

Mr. Sugimoto was very honest about his struggle to be an organic farmer in Japan.

With ten years of learning behind him Mr Sugimoto has reached a point where he is happy with the natural system he has in place to produce organic tea, one in harmony with nature and not against it.

"I read books and went to lectures on how to grow organic tea trees but they didn’t work. So I started to look more closely at my tea trees and took note of what they were telling me. That way they taught me, they showed me what they needed most to grow naturally, and produce tea that didn't need to be sprayed and fed by unnatural means. My tea trees are strong, the roots are deep and thick so they don’t get sick like other commercial tea farm trees." Mr. Sugimoto says.

After visiting their farm we believe in their tea, they are committed to producing natural/organic tea of the highest quality, we are happy to share their great tea’s and be part of a better future, healthier and happier.