New Arrival of Ceramics

January 19, 2018

New Arrival of Ceramics

A beautiful new collection of ceramics have joined Mosir Life  from Hokkaido, Japan.

Hokkaido based ceramic artist, Mr. Hashimoto’s attention to detail, form and colour shows not only his masterful technique but also a special connection to the medium he works in; creating truly special pieces which will be timeless.

Mr. Hashimoto’s work carries the essence of Japanese tradition into our modern life’s.

Tokyo born but moved to Hokkaido at a young age with his family where his parents started a pottery studio soon after they arrived.

During his twenties he didn’t have much interest in pottery; motorbikes, rock and roll, travel, and running his own bar filled his time.

It wasn’t until through his friends wanting to take a ceramic class at his parents studio that he connected with and became committed to a life of pottery, leading to Mr. Hashimoto establishing his own studio along with his own ceramic style.