New Arrival of Delicious Natural Tea

April 25, 2017

New Arrival of Delicious Natural Tea

Delicious Natural Tea joins the Mosir Life collection for the first time!

Pesticide-free, Chemical Fertiliser-free, Additive-free, and Chemical-free.

From one of the largest Tea farming prefectures in Japan, Shizuoka where the Sugimoto Family have dedicated themselves to produce Organic/Natural Tea.

“I read books and went to lectures but they didn’t work. So I started to look more closely at my tea trees and carefully took note of what they were telling me. That way they taught me, they showed me what they needed most to grow naturally, and produce tea that didn't need to be sprayed and feed by unnatural means. My tea trees are strong, the roots are deep and thick so they don’t get sick like other commercial tea farm trees.” Mr. Sugimoto says.

Enjoy our tea for the beautiful aroma and taste, and of course for your health!