Urushi Japanese Cherry Pitcher

Dimension: W 10.5cm (with mouth) x D 8cm x H 8.5cm

Weight: 85g

Material: Japanese Cherry with lacquer finish

The beautiful expressive texture makes me think of ceramics but when held in your hand its lightness gives its wood structure away.

The rich dark colour of the Makiji Urushi finish on this Japanese Cherry Pitcher gives depth to your drinks and pouring from it is a pleasure not to mention it looks simply stunning placed on you table.

When I think of Japanese lacquer coatings I picture smooth and shiny surfaces so Think!Forest’s lacquer technic completely opened my mind to a new world of possibilities with lacquer finishes. 

Makiji Urushi technique is a build up of lacquer layers applied over clay powder creating this very unique organic looking texture.

Think!Forest is a workshop studio based in Kanagawa.

The creator and wood artist Mr. Tazawa’s philosophy is “Simple design, quiet form”.

He creates objects with refined form and everyday function combined with the art of Urushi/lacquer technique, creating a beautiful balance which is a credit to Mr. Tazawa’s skill and thoughtful philosophy.

Not suitable for microwave and dishwasher.


Made in Kanagawa, Japan

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