Kakishibu Cloth

Kakishibu Linen Cloth

Dimensions: W 53cm x H 155cm

Weight: 65g

Material: Linen

Kakishibu Zome, persimmon tannin dyeing is one of my favourite dyeing methods.

Producing very rich earthy colours with linens signature texture which makes it easier to form.

If you are using it as scarf and looking for the softest fabric this is not it, although with time it will soften.

With its amazing colour and texture it really stands out from crowd.

Even when it is hung up I really enjoy seeing this light gauze linen shimmer with the movement of air, its uneven colour and unfinished edges waving hypnotically.

Ms. Tajima who is based in Tokyo has a background in photography and it shows with her art of dyeing, capturing the essence of each piece of fabric.

Her finished works are open cloth so you may use it as a scarf or any other way you like.

As natural items their texture and colour will change with time, making them truly unique to you.

Not suitable for machine wash and dyer.

Made in Tokyo, Japan

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