TOHAKU Candles #6 Koma set

Box Dimensions: W 11.5cm x D 13cm x H 4.5cm

Total Weight with box: 257g

Set of two 11 cm candles and one candle stand per box.

Burning time: Approximately 130 minutes per candle.

The stunning candle stand is made with solid Nambu iron and designed in Iwate, Japan.

Nambu iron was discovered around 17th century, Nambu Ironware are certified as a traditional craftwork in Japan.

The Koma stand has a timeless look and when combined with a traditional Japanese candle creates a warm inviting atmosphere.

The candle is handcrafted by a family run business in Ishikawa, Japan who have been creating beautiful traditional Japanese candles since 1892.

The Tohaku candle is made from wax which comes from the fruit of the Japanese Haze tree in the Chikugo region of Kyushu.

Each wick is made by wrapping a dried reed around a washi (Japanese paper) cylinder which is yet another beautiful fine detail with these candles.

The conservation of the Haze tree is in good hands with a Haze tree planting program in Chikugo which the Tohaku candle maker is prominently involved with to insure following generations of candle makers can carry on the fine art of traditional candle making.

From natures beautiful bounty to the people that harvest the wax and the people who dedicate themselves to making the candles, enjoy being part of the circle by lighting a memorable Tohaku candle.

Made in Ishikawa, Japan

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