Chopsticks - Bamboo

Dimensions: L 23-26cm

Weight: 10g

These chopsticks are made by a very joyful artisan, Etsuo Kawai in Yamaguchi on the beautiful island of Yashiro.

He has spent 40yrs lovingly making chopsticks, people who use his chopsticks fall in love with them including us.

One set of chopsticks takes 14-15yrs to create, with collecting the bamboo from the forest to it being dried, formed and carved into the beautiful chopsticks that end up on your table.

Since these Bamboo Chopsticks are truly a gift from nature each set is unique and one of a kind. We hope your carefully selected chopsticks from our range become a natural extension of your hand, fitting with your own style of using them.

They beautifully age so they will profoundly be yours with use over time with good care they will serve you well for a long long time. 

Bamboo is a truly versatile gift from nature.

Not suitable for microwave and dishwasher.

Made in Yamaguchi, Japan


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