Hibi Black Small Cup

Dimensions: W 5.5cm x D 5.5cm x H 4.5cm

Weight: 70g

Solid to the touch and simple beauty make drinking from this sake cup a pleasure for the senses.

Add the Hibi Black Sake Pitcher and you have the perfect combination.

(Hibi Black has a very unique fine gold crackled effect on the surface.)

Hokkaido based ceramic artist, Mr. Hashimoto’s attention to detail, form and colour shows not only his masterful technique but also a special connection to the medium he works in; creating truly special pieces which will be timeless.

Mr. Hashimoto’s work carries the essence of Japanese tradition into our modern life’s.


Care instruction:

This ceramic ware is very dry so please soak them in warm water for 10mins before use.

With use each ceramic item will undergo subtle changes in appearance with use and time, this is part of their inherent beauty.

To help avoid food stains please soak them in warm water for a couple of minutes before each use.

These ceramics are created with a soft clay so wash them individually in warm water with extra care to help avoid damage and if needed with a very mild detergent.

Not suitable for microwave and dishwasher.

Made in Hokkaido, Japan

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