Korokoro Cup S Ivory

Dimensions: W 6.5 x D 6.5cm x H 5cm

Weight: 110g

What a sweet cup, that was my first impression when I saw this small Ivory coloured Korokoro Cup.

It is small but it has a very strong personality with a solid weight to it which surprised me.

A great sized cup not only for your favourite drink but also nice to use as a little bowl to eat nibbly things from like nuts and olives.

Ms. Kasahara is a Okayama born artist who has set up her base in Chiba creating unique ceramic pieces that I feel have grown on me more and more over time.

Her works adorn our home where we get to appreciate them everyday, we hope you will feel the same.

She creates her pieces not only to be beautiful but to be useful in people’s day to day lives.

We are looking forward to seeing more of her work joining our collection.

Not suitable for microwave and dishwasher.

Made in Chiba, Japan

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