Large Charcoal Bowl

Dimensions: W 16cm x D 16cm x H 8cm

Weight: 390g

People have asked me if I have a ramen bowl, finally I found one I love, I think this is a perfect size for it.

The organic look gives each dish an inviting appeal, it is big enough for sharing dishes like mash potatoes, soupy dishes, fruit salad with yogurt and many more.

If you are like me I love to have a big bowl of soup all to myself, making this bowl the one for me and possibly you.

Having a Landscape Architecture Science background ceramic artist Ms. Owada creates elegant pottery, reminding me of nature like a bird, leaf and turtle. We are looking forward to bringing in more of her work at Mosir Life.

As with all our products each one of them is handcrafted, making each piece unique.

Not suitable for oven and dishwasher.

Made in Ibaraki, Japan

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