Raised Plate - White Cream

Dimensions: W 23.5cm x D 23.5cm x H 3.5cm

Weight: 790g

Material: Ceramic

This is a plate that can make fruits placed on it look like a work of art.

So imagine how beautiful cakes and other food will look on it…

Since one of our dear friends gave us one of his works as a gift a long time ago we have been loving it.

One day in Japan we were lucky enough to see him along with his works, my voice was shaking with joy when I realised he made the beloved gift we had received.

So we are so pleased to have his work in our collection after all this time.

Mr. Terada is based in Chiba and says he wants to make tablewares that people want to use everyday, simple and in harmony with the food or drinks they hold.

His work speaks for themselves.

Beautifully simple, soft and lovely. They comfort our table every day and we never get tired of using them.

Made in Chiba, Japan

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