Soup Bowl Brown

Dimensions: W 12cm x D 12cm x H 6.8cm

Weight: 75g

Material: Japanese Horse Chestnut with lacquer finish

This is my dream miso soup bowl.

Some bowls and plates inspire me to cook and this is one of them.

With this Brown coloured Soup bowl I like to make miso soup with many different vegetables and mushrooms, like making a rainbow.

I love the shimmering lacquer finish, it subtly catches the light revealing its form.

Lacquer ware in the past had been used occasionally, manly on special occasions. Lacquer ware now has evolved into items for daily use, practical and hard waring.

Mr and Mrs Fujii are a very talented couple based in Hyogo, Japan.

He mainly works with wood and she mainly works with lacquer.

With a very deliberate process and mutual sensibility each wooden piece comes to life, handcrafted one by one.

The creation of thoughtful minimal shapes lends itself to timeless beauty, to be cherished and enjoyed over a life time.

Not suitable for microwave and dishwasher.

Made in Hyogo, Japan

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