Chopsticks - Susu-Daké for Serving

Dimensions: L 28-33cm

Weight: 15g

These chopsticks are made by a very joyful artisan, Etsuo Kawai in Yamaguchi on the beautiful island of Yashiro.

He has spent 40yrs lovingly making chopsticks, people who use his chopsticks fall in love with them including us.

Susu-Daké is 100-200yr old bamboo which comes from the ceiling/attic of old houses in Japan. Old Japanese houses usually had a fireplace in the middle of the room so all the smoke went up into the ceiling/attic space making the bamboo stronger and darker.

As time goes on the old style houses are becoming very rear so Susu-Daké items are very precious and highly sort after. 

Each set of Susu-Daké Serving Chopsticks are unique and one of a kind, some have little markings on them which are created by the old ropes that were used to tie and tighten the bamboo ceiling structure, this gives character and is highly sort after by people passionate about Susu-Daké chopsticks.

Susu-Daké Serving Chopsticks with their extra length are perfect for preparing and serving shared food at the table.

They beautifully age so they will profoundly be yours with use over time and with good care they will serve you well for a long long time. 

Bamboo is a truly versatile gift from nature.

Not suitable for microwave and dishwasher.

Made in Yamaguchi, Japan

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