Yakishime Square Pitcher

Dimensions: W 8cm x D 8cm x H 7cm

Weight: 190g

Yakishime Square Pitcher is made for hot water to cool down in so that it’s the right tempture for your tea.

However you may use it to pour sake and other drinks.

Enjoy it in your own favourite way.

Ms. Hashizume grew up surrounded by tea farms in Yame, Fukuoka the main island of Kyushu.

Her organic looking creations really stand out to me with their strong connection to tea which she is so familiar with.

She makes unglazed Yakishime style ceramics which are then specially finished with a wood fire.

Her work reminds me of stone, I love the way the surface changes colour when wet just like a stone.

They absorb water more than other ceramics so on a hot day when cold water is added it stays cool for some time.

Their look will change over time so I hope you use them regularly to enjoy their evolving beauty.

Not suitable for microwave and dishwasher.

Made in Fukuoka, Japan

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