Chopstick Holder

Dimensions: W 30cm x D 2.5cm x H 2cm

Weight: 55g

Material: Chestnut, Black Walnut, Magnet and Urethane oil finish 

This Chopstick Holder takes up to 26cm long and 1.6cm wide chopsticks (chopsticks are not included). 

When you carry or store your own chopsticks these holders are perfect.

Hidden magnets hold the two  pieces of the case together, making for a seamless way to close each chopstick holder.

The black walnut on the end of the case is a charming detail that brings this chopstick case to life.

Funamoku creates beautiful wood work thats useful in daily life at home.

After studying the craft of woodworking in Gifu prefecture and working in a furniture studio and store fitting company he started his own studio Funamoku from his own home in Aichi prefecture.

Made in Aichi, Japan

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